Double Cottage

Insulated and suitable for year-round occupancy, the Double Cottage is heated with wood stoves, and has electricity, two refrigerators, and two 6-burner propane gas ranges. There are no freezers.

The Double Cottage accommodates eighteen people, with two two-person handicapped accessible bedrooms on the first floor, and shared bedrooms on the second floor. Beds have five-inch thick mattresses, but linen and pillows are not provided, so you'll need to bring your own pillows, sheets, and blankets (or sleeping bags if you prefer).

The main floor houses a large double kitchen with a dining room, and two living rooms with couches, tables and chairs, recessed lighting, and ceiling fans. The kitchen is fully equipped with pots, pans, silverware, glasses, cups, plates and bowls.










    Double Commercial Kitchen - 2 stoves & 2 refrigerators

    Double Cottage South Wing Common area

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