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SOLO Training Courses

SOLO is the national leader in wilderness medicine and rescue as well as the first recognized training institute. Combining the theoretical with the experiential, SOLO Wilderness and Emergency Medicine courses are designed to teach the skills and knowledge for a safe, successful rescue operation or outdoor venture. Regardless of the course, the emphasis is always on awareness, prevention, and the environment with lots of hands-on practice. Courses offered range from a two-day Wilderness First Aid Course through a month long WEMT Program. Marine Medicine courses, Travel Medicine Care, Rescue Skills, Wilderness Arts, and Outdoor Leadership programs are also available. All courses offer nationally recognized certifications, and many are approved for continuing education credits. SOLO designs and contracts courses with other organizations.

SOLO WFA - Wilderness First Aid

Standard first aid practices are generally based on the assumption that help will arrive soon, and that the patient will be out of your hands and at the hospital in under an hour. But accidents can and do happen, and all too often members of a group are not capable of dealing with the emergency. Not only does this lead to improper care of the patient, it endangers the entire group.

SOLO Wilderness First Aid training addresses the medical and logistical issues that arise where there is no ambulance, no roof or walls for shelter from the elements, your supplies are few, and the length of your wait for help is unknown. Lectures and discussions are supplemented by hands-on scenarios. An emphasis on long-term care and evacuation complications in the backcountry makes this course unique.

The course is a blended experience of classroom and hands-on learning.  ~50% of student time is spent outside rotating as mock rescuer and mock patient in realistic care-giving scenarios, making the most of learning-by-doing.

The Wilderness First Aid certification is an entry-level course for wilderness medicine, and has no pre-requisites. It is highly recommended for anyone who spends time in the backcountry. Whether you are planning on leading a multi-day trip or even a day hiker who wants to be prepared for anything that may come up. Class is suitable for adults and focused youths ages 12+ and is a hands-on learning on how to care for an injured or ill person during the critical minutes or hours before help arrives for the hand-off.

This course will recertify current WFR (Wilderness First Responder) or EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certifications.  Did you receive your certification through another provider? No problem – we honor most major providers for recertification; call for more details and prior approval.

The course is also open to individuals from other organizations such as BSA which requires this course for attendance at their high adventure bases and at the upcoming National Jamboree.  Attendees provide their own food or purchase from local vendors, some of whom deliver to NVOC.  We have a full kitchen available with stove, cooking utensils and refrigerator. 

A packet will be sent to anyone interested in taking the course.

If needed, CPR Adult/Child/AED will also be available.

Next Classes: 

March 25-26, 2017

April 1-2, 2017


$180.00 for Non-AMC members and $165.00 for AMC members, with optional lodging if required. 

Housing is also available at $20.00 per night for Non-AMC member and $15.00 for AMC members.  

CPR is available for $50.00. 

For information contact Frank Evans, 413-572-4501, or by email:

SOLO WFR - Wilderness First Responder Training

The Wilderness First Responder course is the recognized industry standard for those who work as backcountry trip leaders, camp counselors, mountain guides, river guides, and ski patrollers.

It's the perfect course for anyone working in a position of leadership in an outdoor setting or for individuals who want a high level of wilderness medical training for extended personal backcountry trips or expeditions.

The course is 72-80 hours long (9 days), and is a comprehensive and in-depth look at the standards and skills of dealing with: Response and Assessment, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Environmental Emergencies and Survival Skills, Soft Tissue Injuries, and Medical Emergencies. Although these appear to be the same basic topics covered in our two-day WFA course, they are covered far more extensively, and there is much more hands-on practice. Additional topics, such as CPR, are also included.

Your SOLO WFR certification is good for three years. There is ongoing evaluation of practical skills, and a written test. To recertify, you may take either a 2-day WFR Refresher Course or a 2-day WFA course.

The WFR typically counts as continuing education credits, although it may depend on what certification you have. Street EMTs who take the WFR course may become certified as Wilderness EMTs. Within the first year of completing a SOLO WFR, students may enroll in a SOLO WEMT Part II Module (the last two weeks of a WEMT course) to get their WEMT certification (they must pass practical and written EMT exams).

Students who successfully complete the course receive a SOLO Wilderness First Responder card and an American Heart Association Adult Heart saver CPR card Certification based on successful completion of the course, which includes 100% attendance of course. Students looking for state First Responder certification should contact their home state’s Office of EMS since SOLO courses often meet or exceed state requirements. Instructors provide ongoing feedback and many opportunities for questions. Final assessment of each student’s skills includes written and practical exams. Syllabus, First Aid Book, and Workbook are included in your course fee and will be provided on the first day of the course.     

Cost: $625.00 for members, $650.00 for non-members, lodging included


For information and directions contact Frank Evans, 413-572-4501, or by email: 

A Mountain Classroom

Exploring native Biodiversity Systems

A Mountain Classroom offers an integrated learning experience that merges environmental education, personal development and team building seamlessly in a hiking-based program that challenges students and inspires an appreciation for the natural world. For 40 years, students in grades 5-12 from schools throughout the northeast have joined us for day and overnight experiences. Our program, taught experientially in the beauty of mountain environments creates powerful memories of camaraderie and fun.

A Mountain Classroom offers two basic curricular strands: Ecology and Earth Science and Outdoor Education, Team Building and Leadership. Our programming is designed to address state frameworks, and we work with you to complement your curriculum goals and connect with classroom learning. Our programming is designed to address state learning frameworks, and connect with classroom learning. Students have fun, learn, and explore inspiring landscapes and view sheds for information or to schedule a program:

Contact: Andrea Muller at 603-466-2721 x8132, or by email:


Team Building


Mountain Classroom on the trail

Monthly Naturalist Programs

The Naturalist Series aims to promote knowledge about the natural resources at Noble View. Each program delves deeply into a specific natural history topic which is taught by a knowledgeable resource person on the Noble View trails. Topics include Spring Birding, Vernal Pools, Tracking, Mushrooms, Wildflowers, Wild Edibles, Ferns, Tree identification and more.      

For further information and directions contact Frank Evans, 413-572-4501, or by email:

Spotted Salamander -
May Vernal pool discovery Naturalists Event


Male Spring Peeper 1 to 1-1/2 inches

Monthly Naturalist Series 2017

Hosted by Noble View Outdoor Center


Sarsaparilla? Hobblebush? Clintonia? Oh My!

Identifying Forest Plants for Hikers

                              Sunday, May 21, 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Leader:  Dr. Dave Lovejoy,  Professor of Botany, WSU

Love plants?  Would you like to know more about those trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that surround you when you hike?  Then this is the program for you.  Join Dave, a member of the biology department at Westfield State University, for an engaging hike about forest plant communities.  Learn why certain plants grow where they do, how to identify certain species, and how plants and animals interact.  Field guides are not necessary, but if you have one you'd like to practice using, bring it along.

Dr. Lovejoy has been teaching courses such as Environmental Biology, Natural History in America, and Flora of Massachusetts at WSU since 1970. In 2008 he authored “Vascular Flora of Springfield, Massachusetts”, which documents all the plant species in the city and updates a previous similar publication dating back to 1924. Dave sits on the Board of Directors of the The Naturalists’ Club.

To pre-register and for further information contact Nancy Condon or 413-297-0778 and leave your phone #.  For directions and info on upcoming events visit our website,  or

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