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Upcoming Events -- Save the Date

  • January 1st - Cellar Holes & Stone Walls (see details below)                                   Postponed Due to Extremely Cold Weather
  • January 6th - Star Party (see details below)
  • Presidents and Generals Day - February 17th (see details on Programs and Education page)
  • Fall Festival at Noble View - September 15th (watch for details)

Cellar Holes & Stone Walls

A New Year's Day Hike

Attention: Postponed Due to Extremely Cold Weather


Jan. 1, 2018  10:00-12:30   

Come explore the original Russell Village settlement, through its stone walls, cellar holes, and town markers at the end of S. Quarter Road. This land now owned by Springfield Water Commission*  features a main thoroughfare with old stately maples, stone corrals, an old ice pond and evidence of a thriving community. And General Knox is rumored to have traveled near the area in the winter of 1776/77.

*access to this area is only by special permit

Meet at NVOC cottages for a talk, by Ralph Cortis,

local octogenarian & author of the book,  Russell, MA, Establishment of a New England Town. After, we’ll hike for 1.5 -2 miles exploring the area together. Bring a bag lunch if you would like to linger at NVOC and enjoy the view.

9:50 Arrival and coffee/hot chocolate

10:00--10:30 Chat at cottage

10:35 Carpool to end of South Quarter Road

10:45--12:25 Hike (approx)

12:30 Return to Nobel View

Registration required. Fee: $5:00

Contact 413-454-3232 .


Star Party at Noble View

Date and Time: Saturday, January 6, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Leaders: Tom and Nancy Condon (413-297-0778)

Registration: Call Tom or Nancy

Meeting Place: Noble View Outdoor Center; 635 South Quarter Road, Russell

Cassiopeia, a mythological queen, dared compare her beauty to the gods. The hero Perseus slew the gorgon Medusa and turned the sea monster, Cetus, to stone before saving Cassiopeia’s daughter, Andromeda, and flying off on the winged horse, Pegasus. These stories, told for centuries, are immortalized in the constellations.

On this first Saturday of the new year, we will explore these stories of old as we find our way across the night sky. Come on up to Noble View for an evening of observation and storytelling. We’ll explore the sky from the field in front of the cabins. Bring along a chair, something warm to wrap up in, and your sense of adventure. Overcast conditions would limit viewing, but not storytelling, so let’s gather whatever the weather, unless there’s very heavy snow or rain.

Yurt Construction

Volunteers have been working diligently to build the new yurt on the property. 
Here are some photos showing the great progress.

Wood Day at Noble View

December 2nd 

Thanks to all of the volunteers who made wood day a success in December.

  Photo by Marc St Onge 

Photo by Marc St Onge 

On September 23rd 17 Folks from Westfield & the hilltowns joined WSU professors and NVOC leader as they explored the geology of Noble View. Micheal Young & Tarin Weiss were​ knowledgable about the local rocks and landscape of Russell Hills.

                                    NVOC​ ​Naturalist​ ​Series​ ​2017 

                            Schist​ ​and​ ​Ice: Geology​ ​of​ ​ ​Noble​ ​View 

Come learn a bit about regional geology while walking down to Pitcher Brook. Along the way we'll get a basic introduction to the different types of rocks and how they form, followed by a closer inspection and discussion of the rocks exposed near the falls. If there's time, we'll stop to visit a glacial erratic on the way back, taking a quick look at the more recent geologic history of the area.

Leaders: Tarin​ ​Weiss,​ ​ Geology Professor WSU, past president of the New England section of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.  

Mike​ ​Young,​ Geology Professor, Westfield State University.

                                  Saturday, September 23, 2017 

                                        10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

                                     Noble View Outdoor Center*

                                                Russell, MA

Pre-registration is required.  Email or call 413-454-3232 before September 18th and leave a message.  There is a $5.00 donation requested.  Heavy rain cancels event.

*Parking for this event is at the street entrance.  Meet at the lower parking lot near the large kiosk.


                                  635 South Quarter Rd

                                    Russell, MA  01071


Noble View Volunteer Opportunities

Noble View Outdoor Center’s Committee is currently seeking new members and general volunteers. As Noble View has become popular, more volunteers are needed to keep up! Noble View is entering a new phase within the Club – to be a major AMC Outdoor Facility between the Whites & Delaware Water Gap. We welcome you to be part of this endeavor and TO VOLUNTEER. Specific needs are: 

Marketing Chair 
• Responsible for outreach including the Web Site and FaceBook as well as to provide stimulus in filling lodging and programs 

Trail Volunteers 

Training available, 
6-8 hrs once or twice a month - mid April thru end of Nov

For further information please contact: Frank Evans 413-210-8119 

The Noble View lodging calendar (Make a reservation) page is now up to date


Noble View Hosts 2017 Warrior Hike Participants!

On July 29th and 30th, Noble View once again hosted a group of "Warrior Hikers" from Warrior Expeditions. These hikers are veterans who are walking off the war to assist in their recovery from PTSD. Warrior Expeditions is the creation of Sean Gobin, a CNN Hero of the Year. Each year a group of Veterans walks the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine (or since the program has expanded so much, walk the length of numerous other long trails or even paddle the Mississippi River from its mouth to its source).  

Noble View arranges to pick up the hikers near where the AT crosses the Mass. Pike in Becket and brings them back to Noble View where they are given a chance to relax, provided hot showers, fed a big supper and given a bed to sleep in for the night. In the morning the hikers are treated to a big breakfast and then returned to the AT to continue their hike to Mount Katadin in Maine. 

This year' group included Wella, Justin and Wesley.


Emerald Ash Borer - killing Noble View Ash trees

The Emerald Ash Borer has been identified at Noble View. This Invasive is attacking and killing our Ash trees. Identification of trees that have been attacked is to view the top of the tree; if the top third is dead you have spotted Emerald Ash Borer damage. It is only a matter of time before the whole tree is dead. 

The Emerald Ash Borer is divesting the forests of Massachusetts, New England states, and across much of the Eastern United States

Scientific Name: Agrilus planipennis 
Common Name: Emerald Ash Borer
Known Hosts: 
White ash (Fraxinus americana), black ash (F.nigra), red ash (F. pennslyvanica), green ash (F. pennsylvanica var. subintegerrima) and several horticultural varieties of ash. 

Key ID Features (Adults, Larvae): 
• The body is a golden green or brassy color overall with darker, metallic emerald green wing covers. 
• Adults measure ½” 8.5-13mm) in length. Females are larger than males. 
• Adults are present from mid-May to late July and feed on leaves leaving irregularly- shaped patches with jagged edges. 
• Larvae are flattened in appearance, consisting of 10 cream-colored, bell-shaped segments with a pair of brown pinchers at one end. 
• Larvae about 1-1 ¼” (26- 32mm) in length when fully developed. 

Description of damage: 
• Distinct S-shaped tunnels are formed beneath the bark from larval feeding. 
• Vertical splits in the bark are caused by callus tissue forming in response to larval feeding. 
• Adult emergence leaves D- shaped exit holes (3-4 mm in diameter) in bark. 
• The upper third of the tree dies back. 
• Numerous shoots arise below the dead portion of the trunk


Updated Trail System & Maps

In 2013 AMC Trail staff walked and reviewed Noble View’s trails and developed a comprehensive plan, including the elimination of redundant loops and trails near major trails.  As a result of their work, the trail system has been completely reworked to eliminate the confusing maze of trails that have developed over the years.

This summer AMC brought "Greenagers” (teenagers) to Noble View for 6 weeks of trail work focusing on placing the trail plan into action.  Junction signs were installed, wet areas bridged, and discontinued trails eliminated.

A new trail system and map will eliminate any confusion during your visit. Please be sure you carry a map and compass with you. 

Hike Safe.                                                                   

AMC "Greenagers" Trail Crew - Reviewing Safety Day 1       

Monthly Naturalist Programs

Noble View Outdoor Center kicked off its ongoing Monthly Naturalist Programs in 2012 with “Exploring the Natural World Around Us,” led by John Green Jr., a renowned Connecticut River Valley naturalist and photographer. Since then, we've hosted naturalist programs each month, including birding, plant and wildflower identification, and family programs for parents and kids.

For further information and directions contact Frank Evans, 413-572-4501, or by email: .

Noble View's A Mountain Classroom Program for Schools

A Mountain Classroom offers an integrated learning experience that merges environmental education, personal development and team building seamlessly in a hiking-based program that challenges students and inspires an appreciation for the natural world.

For more information or to schedule a program, contact: Andrea Muller at 603-466-2721 x8132, or by email: program details, see the Education page.

Noble View Generating Electricity

We're spinning the meter backward at Noble View Outdoor Center!

The photovoltaic array on the bath house went online on February 5, 2010, and immediately began to generate electricity. The electricity that isn’t used at Noble View flows back into the grid. 

Monitoring at the link below began on 3/5/10. Under Energy Performance, there’s a bar graph showing the amount of electricity generated per day, and under Equivalents you can get a better idea of the amount of power we’ve generated on an ongoing basis.

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